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In real world applications, our proven aftermarket parts (quick hitches, cylinder stems, banana brackets, pins, locks etc.) are 3x more durable and reliable. These improvements can help ensure that your investment in Brokk lasts over 20 years.

With only 3 experts in the United States that are qualified to work on Brokk machines, it is important that you partner with someone you can trust. Our 97% Customer Satisfaction Rate, with hundreds of customers serviced in repairs, rentals, parts procurement, and consulting will put you at ease.

Expert Experience

We have 15 years of exclusive, expert experience on Brokks, setting this niche industry's standard for repairs. Let us help you stabilize and expand your fleet!

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ElizAlex repairs, reconditions and rebuilds remote control demolition machines designed to operate in hazardous environments. Multiple skill sets are employed to bring the equipment back to original condition and in some cases better than new condition.


Why invest in refurbishing/rebuilding/restoring when I can buy new?
Refurbishing costs a fraction of new and the money saved is often invested into refurbishing multiple Brokks. For the cost of one new Brokk, our customers can have a few of the Brokks in their fleet restored. Additional benefits: no monthly payments, refurbished to OEM specs and like new condition, and refurbishing preserves the notable 'workhorse' quality, reputation and dependability of the tried and true proven Brokk classic models.
How reliable/dependable/long lasting do your complete refurbishes on Brokks last?
We've never (Josh--do you want to use 'rarely'?) had a completely refurbished Brokk come back to us in 6 years. Every single Brokk we've worked on is still out in the field reliably running with proper preventative maintenance, continuing to make our customer's money.
Can you help me find hard to find parts for the older Brokks?
Yes, there are a few parts that are obsolete and very difficult to find but we will go out of our way to search on your behalf or work with you to find a possible solution.